Awesome offers available take upto 15% more payment on the final price which is a part of our bonanza offering that has been implemented from festival season 2020

Existing Gold Rate – Rs 65,000/- per 10gm Silver Rs – 76,000/-

Our company is active in purchasing Gold, Silver, Diamond ornaments condition doesn't matter Old or Broken Offering Highest Amount For Your Precious Metals

Just in case you are unable to visit our office just call us we will send our management executive to visit this place for purchasing Jewellery and will pay on the spot

Don't worry all the transaction will be done in less than 15 minutes and pay money immediately

We operate 24 X 7 and you are free to schedule your visit anytime or can call anytime for any information or query Act now - 9999821722, 9999333245

Welcome To CashFor Gold Silver And Property

One destination to fulfil your Jewellery & Real Estate Needs.

One destination to fulfil your Jewellery & Real Estate Needs

We here at Cashfor gold silver And Property are listed as a top-notch organisation in the sector of Gold, Silver & Diamond buying and also are in the sphere of buying, selling & renting property. Our company started off the operations in the year 2010 from New Delhi and later expanded to other parts of the NCR area. This was possible owing to the sincere efforts of our core management team and efforts in the right direction that Cashfor gold silver And Property emerged as a big brand. Customers coming to sell old jewellery for cash to us because as we pay amazing prices. There are numerous characteristics that make us a noteworthy company in the jewellery buying and the real estate domain. Firstly, we do genuine deals no matter whether individuals come for selling ornaments or for buying & selling the property. Further, people looking for a house on lease connect with us as we give them attractive deals.






Avail first rate Jewellery Buying and Real Estate services from us.

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Our Gold Buying Method And Activity

The complete Jewellery acquisition activity has been divided into three stages.

Dynamic Calculation

We with ease calculate your value of gold & share our buying process.

Free Home Visit

You are unable to visit our shop. Don't get upset our team will visit your home.

Cash Payment

Customers looking for instantaneous cash payment, we give it on the spot in one shot.

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